Roxanne Macmod

Roxanne Macmod from dubai jordan


Dear Hani,

Am sure you already got some rest (unlike us – we landed at 2:30am, arrived home at 4am+ then had to be at work at 8am!) and woke up ecstatic because you don't have anymore 8 crazy girls' whims to cater :D

Anyhoo - on behalf of the girls, thank you so so so much. From the cute guys of amman to the muds of the salty dead sea, to being stranded (and pushing a minivan) on top of that-god-knows-where-mountain giving us the chance to see that lovely sunset, to taking our photos (while posing, acting natural, jumping), to giving us a husband in petra that we can share (haha! - please give our hugs to him), to the yummy maghluba, awesome cave to sleep with a view of the breathtaking stars, wc-floor experience and make-up collecting in wadi-rum, to bringing 8 grubby, sweaty and smelly girls at the airport - to everything. 

I would like to thank you for doing your best in taking care of us and specially for keeping your cool and not losing your patience. I guess having 5 wives gave you a lot of practice to keep it cool hahaha. No, but seriously. Thank you.

I received an email from kirsten and jayne today saying they both had fun. (objective achieved yay! :D) Gay has posted already her experiences through facebook and she’s all smiles at the airport. So all’s well and ends well. I guess, it would have been extremely dull if you have all 8 of us skipping happily though all throughout lolz.. I say you need to have  that little drama to make the trip more colorful lolz 

btw, i have attached some photos here that either you took or you were there. :)

anyhoo - let us know whenever you drop here in dubai, all your refugee girls will be more than happy to buy you a drink. You take care and lotsa hugs from all of us x